ButConnect Version History

2021.10.29.7	It's easy now to mix and cascade default and direct mode sessions so that they build on each other.
2021.4.4.2 Besides multiple ports, multiple hosts can be specified as list of hosts (e.g. 'x.y.z.1, x.y.z.2').
2021.1.11.2 Environment variables (prefixed with ‘BUTCONNECT_’) are respected. Need to be requested if optional.
2020.11.16.2 Multiple ports can be specified as lists, ranges and lists of ranges (e.g. ‘p1, p2, p3-p5, p6-p8’).
2020.10.27.1 Connections to multiple ports (or multiple hosts and ports) in a single session are now possible.
2020.7.30.5 Several improvements regarding multiple sessions, reliability and logging. Various fixes.
2020.5.17.4 ButConnect can wake up remote hosts by sending ‘magic packet’ (and explore MAC adresses beforehand).
2020.2.18.4 Improved security: It's ensured now that only correct links can be provided or requested.
2019.3.19.11 Although not recommended, it's possible to use password authentication for servers that allow it.
(Just omit the ‘identity’ information. Useful for local connections that are managed w/ButConnect.)
2019.3.5.3 Added a config mode to configure connections. (Shift–)[Tab] cycles through modes, too.
2019.2.18.2 (Shift–)[Tab] cycles through the (filtered — by typing part of name) list of configured connections.
2019.2.8.6 A session (whether fully established or not) can be ended by just pressing [Esc] in most situations.
2018.12.2.3 ButConnect became more scalable. The executable is signed with a new code signing certificate.
2018.10.15.4 Additionally, variables can be defined and used in the .ini file, e.g. ‘VNC=<path>’ and ‘start=$VNC’.
Thus, even the configuration file can be quite platform independent — apart from those definitions.
2018.9.7.5 Previously specified parameters from the .ini file can now be referenced in its ‘param=’,
‘remoteport=’ or ‘localport=’ line by ‘$USER’, ‘${localhost}’, ‘%LocalPort%’ or ‘%rEmOtEpOrT’.
2018.7.15.4 Another new mode (of that new ‘direct’ type): ‘px’ (or ‘proxy’) for dynamic forwarding.
2018.6.20.7 ‘butconnect.ini’ is now in .ini format, actually. (The previous format is still supported.)
This version introduces a new type of modes: ‘ga’ (for ‘get access’) and ‘la’ (‘let access’).
These modes are for connecting directly via an available SSH server — hence “direct mode”.
2018.4.23.4 Ask for passphrase if necessary. Update files that are already there and/or needed, only.
2018.3.28.1 The modes ‘source’ and ‘target’ have their own options now: ‘origin’ and ‘destination’.
2018.3.19.6 If needed, non-binary data (such as license information files) are deployed and updated, too.
The MIT License for ‘Renci.SshNet.dll’ is included (‘Renci.SshNet.lic’).
2018.2.4.14 You can choose to (auto) update ButConnect, if a new version is available.
(Set ‘-au’ on the command line or in the .ini file or type ‘update’ when prompted for a mode.)
2018.1.16.6 Pre-configured connections can now be selected from within the interactive mode.
(When prompted for a mode, type ‘cf’ or ‘cn’.)
2018.1.3.7 ButConnect can be configured with simple configuration files.
(No need to run the command from a script or batch, as the call is quite simple if pre-configured.)
2017.12.28.1 The ‘source’ and ‘target’ can be specified as (fully qualified) hostnames, too.
2017.12.10.2 The executable is digitally signed now.
2017.12.4.1 The “nice look” did not always work — so ... back to plain ASCII characters for now.
We're using the latest version of ‘Renci.SshNet.dll’ now. When updating, please replace the DLL, too!
2017.11.30.1 ... still a console app but looks a tiny litte bit better now.
2017.11.24.2 Added a (very basic) chat mode.
2017.10.6.1 The assembly is digitally signed now (well ... ‘strongly named’, actually).
(Hopefully, this will help to prevent the Windows SmartScreen warning some day.)
2017.10.3.1 Renamed option from ‘time’ to ‘delay’.
2017.10.2.2 ButConnect can now automatically reconnect, if started with ‘-w’.
2017.9.21.4 No attempts to start Windows executables (vnc) on systems other than Windows anymore.
2017.9.20.1 Some small adjustments, new UltraVNC server and viewer version ( included.
2017.9.19.1 A few corrections only: typo, ...
2017.8.22.1 Small changes: copyright notice, ...
2017.8.17.2 Minor improvements: More exceptions get handled now.
On Windows, the UltraVNC server (‘winvnc.exe’) configuration is not changed if already running.
2017.8.14.1 Added keep-alive packets and a new option ‘-x’ that exits in case the connection dropped.
This way it's possible to automatically restart ButConnect at the operating system level.
(For now, this is an option only, not the default behavior.)
2017.8.8.1 Choosing the identity actually works now.
2017.8.5.1 Adjusted send and receive timeout.
2017.8.2.1 Added progress indicator for file transfer.
2017.7.31.1 Default client and agent keys are ‘hard coded’ now. No seperate key files for default modes.
2017.7.28.1 Choose identity via command line argument.
2017.7.26.1 Implemented sending and receiving files within ButConnect. ‘NetCat’ is no longer needed.
2017.5.18.1 ‘NetCat’ works for large files, too.
2017.5.17.1 Use of defaults. Even more error handling.
2017.5.11.1 More error handling.
2017.5.9.1 More inputs are checked now.
2017.5.8.1 Added two factor authentication.
2017.5.4.1 Added source and target mode.
2017.3.9.1 Remote control and file transfer are working.