ButConnect: Free Alternative Remote Access Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD, Solaris, Raspberry Pi and Others

Remote access and support are now available via ButConnect for Windows (and for Linux, macOS, BSD, Solaris, Raspberry Pi and others if Mono is installed).

ButConnect is a free alternative remote access software that allows to manage remote computers in distant networks across firewalls and NAT routers. As long as both involved computers are connected to the Internet, ButConnect will be useful.

This is achieved by establishing an encrypted connection to the desired host in the background and using that link to access the remote system in a suitable way. Thus, not only remote control is possible but also many other types of access.

It works similar to other well-known remote support software, but in contrast to others, ButConnect is free for both personal and commercial use and offers some extra features ...

... so — download ButConnect and give it a try now!

Quick Start:

First, get the ButConnect software and unzip the package. (On systems other than Windows, make sure that Mono is installed.)

If you need remote computer support, please launch ButConnect.exe (or mono ButConnect.exe) and respond to its prompt ( Mode [client]: _ ) by just pressing [Return] to confirm the already preset client mode.

Ask the person who might help you to launch ButConnect.exe as well, then type [A] (or ‘agent’) and press [Return] to switch over to agent mode.

Allow that person within 5 minutes to log on and, accordingly, to connect to your computer and to control it remotely for a single remote access session by telling him or her the credentials that are displayed in that small text frame on your screen.

To finally terminate the remote support session and thus to stop the remote access immediately, press [Ctrl]+[C].
(... or press [Esc] or even close the console window that hosts ButConnect.)

Connect Anyway with ButConnect