Download ButConnect

The ButConnect remote access and support software tool is available free of charge. You always get the unrestricted version.

An installation is not required — after unpacking the downloaded package, ButConnect is ready for use.

When a new version is available, it's not necessary to download the full ButConnect package again and replace the files manually. Instead, you can use its (auto) update feature.


ButConnect is a portable and cross-platform software.

However, depending on your platform there are two different packages available: a full package (“bc”) with ButConnect and UltraVNC server & viewer for Windows and a minimal package with ButConnect only (“bcmin”) for all other systems.

Full Package (including UltraVNC server and viewer, for Windows): Minimal Package (for Linux, macOS, BSD, Solaris, Raspberry Pi and Others):


On Windows the .NET Framework 4.0 or newer needs to be present. This is already the case in Windows 7 SP1 or newer. On other systems Mono 2.11 or newer is required.