Staying Up-to-date with ButConnect

ButConnect has an (auto) update feature:

You can request an update manually by specifying ‘--update’ on the command line or by typing ‘update’ when prompted for a mode. ButConnect will download the new version immediately, install it and quit.

Or you can set the option ‘-au’ (or ‘--autoupdate’) in the config file or on the command line to allow automatic updates.

In this case, ButConnect will do the update prior to executing the requested task only if it was started in interactive mode. If running in non-interactive mode, ButConnect will do the update after finishing the requested task, hence a script does not fail just because an update being available.

If a binary assembly is itself affected, ButConnect needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect. This is triggered automatically on Windows. On other systems you need to restart ButConnect manually.

The configuration file will be preserved when updating.