ButConnect Documentation

Besides allowing to log into remote servers in a secure and encrypted way, the secure shell (SSH) protocol provides another great feature: TCP/IP port forwarding.
However, there are two issues that could prevent users from achieving benefit using port forwarding:

ButConnect tries to improve this situation and makes it easier to actually use that facility ...

Different Functionalities of ButConnect

Default Mode

Direct Mode

Mixed Mode

Different Ways to Control ButConnect

There are different ways to control ButConnect:

Interactive Mode

The easiest way for starting to work with ButConnect is to use its interactive mode. Just launch the executable ButConnect.exe and follow the instructions.

Without any argument ButConnect will run fully interactive. You have to choose the mode of operation first.
All possible modes are divided into two different groups to choose from depending on whether the user wants or needs to receive (client modes) or to provide remote support (agent modes).

The available client modes for receiving remote support are:

The available agent modes for providing remote support are:

Non-interactive Modes

If you already know what you're doing, it's faster to use one of the non-interactive modes. This way, you also can automate the process of establishing connections.

Controlled via Command Line

To tweak the behavior for a connection that is used in a script or only once you can specify the appropriate settings on the command line.

Controlled via Config File

Most settings can also be placed in a configuration file. Default settings (those that are placed in the ‘default’ section or in front of the first section) are used for all connections, but if you place your settings in a section that defines a specific connection, they have an effect only if you establish that particular connection.

Controlled via Environment Variables

And finally, the operation of ButConnect can be controlled by environment variables. These are named exactly as the parameters for command line or config file, but prefixed with ‘BUTCONNECT_’.