Multiple Ports for Use with Dell iDRAC, Fujitsu iRMC or HPE iLO Remote Console

To successfully access a remote console, you may need to make multiple connections to different ports.

In order to simplify this process, it is possible to automatically call ButConnect several times with different configurations.
To do this, at the end of one configuration section in the .ini file, the next can simply called up.

For example:

rport = <X>
start = ButConnect.exe
param = -cn=_portY_

rport = <Y>
start = mono
param = "ButConnect.exe -cn=_portZ_"

rport = <Z>
lhost =
lport = $RPORT
start = $BROWSER
param = https://$LHOST:$LPORT

(All sections whose names start and end with an underscore are interpreted as auxiliary sections and are therefore not offered as a connection entry when cycling through the list of available connections, but still used to connect to multiple ports.)

Here are some common port numbers for these purposes: